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About Kilauea Lighthouse...

Kilauea Lighthouse began lighting the way for mariners in 1913. It served as a pivotal navigation aid for ships sailing on the Orient run.

The historic light station consists of a concrete lighthouse, three field stone keepers' quarters, a fuel oil shed, cisterns, and a supply landing platform. It is one of the nations most intact historic light stations.

Even in the early years, travelers came to enjoy the area's scenic beauty and to explore the magnificent light. Today Kilauea Point is one of Kauai‘i's most visited sites with more than 500,00 visitors a year.

The landmark played a prominent role the life of the nearby sugar plantation town of Kilauea. The lighthouse is a symbol of the town; and the Point is one the island's best loved places.

Kilauea Point is listed on the State and National Registers of Historic Places. After the light was decommissioned in 1976, the US Fish and Wildlife Service acquired it in 1985 and currently manages the 31-acre site as part of a 203-acre wildlife refuge.

The Restoration Project

Time and the harsh tropic marine environment have taken their toll on the historic Kilauea Lighthouse.

The Kilauea Point Natural History Association (KPNHA), a nonprofit organization, is conducting the capital campaign to restore the Kilauea Lighthouse entitled Beacon for the Generations to Come, Ka Lama Kuhikuhi No Na Hanauna.

The first phase of the restoration work was completed in November 2008 when the anchor bolts securing the lantern room to the concrete tower were repaired and replaced. The next major phase of the restoration, which involves repairing the unique cast iron roof and lantern assembly, and stabilizing the fragile lens, is underway now. The final phase will entail repairs to the concrete tower, opening the closed vents and window openings, installing new windows, and removing the inappropriate exterior coating to return the tower to its original appearance.

One hundred percent (100%) of the contributions to the KPNHA Lighthouse Fund will be used for restoration and preservation of the Kilauea Lighthouse. Funds remaining after the restoration work is completed will be used to maintain the lighthouse.

Please help keep the light shining for future generations by donating today!