Programs And Projects To Meet Our Mission

Activities made possible by your donations to KPNHA and your purchases at the Bookstore and Gift Shop.

All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV) for Wetland Management at Hanalei Refuge

With over 900 acres at Hanalei National Wildlife Refuge, ATV’s are essential in allowing staff to efficiently manage a larger area in a shorter period of time. It also allows them to address and respond more quickly to issues such as the continuing avian botulism problem by regularly surveying large areas of land for sick and dying birds.  Our funds helped the US Fish and Wildlife Service acquire necessary equipment for use in the wetlands.


Education in the Classroom

We have added a new part-time Environmental Educator position to assist the USFWS with the on-going Albatross Life Cycle Program, school field trips and refuge interpretation.  This enables the continuation of crucial outreach and education programs to highlight the beauty and important ecological niche bestowed on Kīlauea Point.



The Junior Ranger Program, launched in May 2015, encourages children to learn about the habitat and characteristics of wildlife using an activity sheet provided at the Kīlauea Point National Wildlife Refuge. An incentive is the opportunity to earn a coveted Junior Ranger patch.  Hundreds of visiting children, including school groups, Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts troups, and those entering the Refuge with their families, have participated in this program.


Special Events

Sponsorship is provided for Refuge Special Events such as the Lighthouse Anniversary and National Wildlife Refuge Week. This includes providing lunch for volunteers and staff who assist on special event days, as well as covering the expenses for programs such as the Invasive Species Removal Taskforce, and Avian Botulism Taskforce.


Supportive Care for Native Hawaiian Birds

Since 2010, funding has been provided to the Kaua‘i Humane Society’s Save our Shearwaters Program for professional rehabilitation of sick and injured birds from Kaua‘i’s refuges.  This includes consultation services, bird care services and supplies.  An average of 60 endangered native birds from the refuges are rehabilitated at this facility annually.


Transportation for Field Trips

Kaua‘i school children benefit greatly by being able to personally visit the refuges and experience the diverse wildlife, expansive views and cultural history. However, bus funding for the schools is very limited and often not available. Free bus transportation has been made available to all of Kaua‘i’s school groups attending field trips at the refuges since 1998.


Volunteer Training

As one of the top twenty most visited Refuges in the United States, Kīlauea Point National Wildlife Refuge averages half a million visitors a year.  The volunteers are stationed where they can share information with a substantial number of visitors about varied topics such as wildlife conservation, navigation, and ecosystems. They are able to provide visitors with accurate information because of excellent training opportunities featuring educational materials and knowledgeable guest speakers and presenters.  Support for the Volunteer Program has been ongoing since the 1990’s. 


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